Lawinenabgang in Pill

(Thomas Ennemoser)

Pill – Beibach

Lawinenabgang in Pill

Beeindruckende Film-Aufnahmen vom Lawinenabgang in Pill, am 6. Februar 2014

Film auf YouTube (läuft nun wieder)

Die Filmaufnahmen von Thomas Ennemoser entwickeln sich zum YouTube-Hit und wurde mehr als 1 Mio. mal geklickt.

Zur Zeit gibt es (noch) auf einen Teil des Videos zu sehen.

Da das Video sehr viele interessiert und vor allem was die beiden Stimmen (Thomas und vermutlich sein Bruder) sagen, aber nur sehr wenige verstehen können, hat uns Michael Gasser eine Übersetzung ins Englische zugesandt, die wir hier und auch als Kommentar auf YouTube gerne veröffentlicht haben.

Translation by Michael Gasser
Thomas Ennemoser (T) was clearing the roof of his house from heavy snow loads with his brother, when a dust avalanche broke away from the slopes of the „Äußere Grube“ (outer comb) up in the mountains. The film is accompanied by a dialogue with his brother (B) in the local version of the Tyrolean dialect (Passeier valley). And that is what they are saying in the film:

Thomas addressing first the camera: „film you bastard!“
B: „now we have to leave!“
T: „not yet, I still will remain here …(if it will be the case) shout … that I can film the scene.“
B: „the avalanche will go beyond (the mountain comb up there).“
T: „no, it won't!“
B: „look, now it 's appearing there up in the creek.“
T: „indeed.“
B (shouting): „the avalanche is coming, mummy, go out of the door, the avalanche is coming!“
T (ironically): „… that it will take her away.“
B (answering her question): „it comes down along our creek here! … oh, oh, oh, oh …
it,s crazy … look it at … the complete 'outer comb' ('äußere Grube', the zone where the avalanche comes from) is broken … a dust avalanche is coming down … now it is coming down along our creek … just this moment it passes the 'Pitz' (field name) … it will certainly block our passage“.
T: „look at the trees!“
B: „look it at! … look it at … look … it's devastating … but I don't think, that it will come close to us“.
T: „look at this huge mass of debris!“
B: „up there is still following an enormous flood of snow … nuh, nuh … for heaven's sake“
T: „it's impressive … look at the wood chunks … look how that tree ...“!
B: „it's to be feared that it will come close to us ...“
T: (in a reassuring tone) „no, no!“
B: „and the barn here? … the cowshed, do you think, that it is safe?“
T: „look, now the avalanche is getting closer“
B: „look, it seems, that the dung stack near the house there will be buried.“
T: „look it at!“
B: „nuh, look!“
T: „listen, the cracking sounds of the house there … look!“
B: „ ... and the snow supply flood up there hasn'd stopped yet. Will the avalanche bury us?“
T: „here? no, no! … (shouting) is here anybody on the street?“
B: „it seems that the cowshed there will be affected.“
T: „the house there will be completely ...“
B: „I hope that it stops now!“
T: „the avalanche now pushes the house seriously.“
B: „I hope that it can resist.“
T: „did you see that?“
B: „look, how the wooden trunks stick out of the snow.“
T: „it will come close to us!“
B: „I think, that we must leave now, huh?, I beat a retreat.“
T: „I remain here. … look it at … nuh nuh … now it is moving only the piece on the street... now I think it has stopped.“

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